To play most PC games with precision, you need a mouse that has enough buttons but also feels comfortable for long bouts of taking down bosses or other players. Many of today’s gaming mice also include custom button mapping, additional weights, quick-switch DPI sensor settings, and even customisable LEDs. Not sure which features you want? We’re here to help you find the best mouse for gaming.

Staff Pick

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is one of the most popular gaming mice for several reasons. It fits comfortably in your hand, supports 16 million colour options, and you can assign custom functions to the seven buttons. It has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, and dedicated DPI buttons, so you can move across the screen or hit a flick shot without much effort.

£43 at Amazon

Are cords getting in your way? The Logitech G602 lets you play wireless for up to 250 hours. It has 11 programmable buttons for assigning custom keybinds or macros, which are great for MMOs. This mouse also has an optical sensor that supports up to 2500 DPI, which is a good option for FPS games with precise movements.

£90 at Amazon

You don’t always want the same setup when you’re gaming, and this is twice as true if you spend any time with MOBA games. The Razer Naga Trinity delivers a stellar product that puts the customisable options directly into your hands with three interchangeable side plates and up to 19 programmable buttons.

£65 at Amazon

Do you have more abilities in your game than fingers or buttons? The Logitech G600 MMO mouse has 20 programmable buttons, 12 of which are under your thumb. You can also double up abilities on each button, thanks to the G shift ring finger button that works like a modifier key on your keyboard. The 8200 DPI sensor and ergonomic shape will keep you gaming comfortably for hours.

£64 at Amazon

If you’re looking for a mouse similar to the Logitech G600 MMO, but with a higher DPI scale, this is it. The UtechSmart Venus sports a 16,400 DPI optical sensor, and a 1000Hz polling rate. There are 12 side buttons for your thumb, as well as a shelf for your thumb to rest on between clicks. The software has room for five custom profiles, and the breathing lighting effect can be turned on or off.

£30 at Amazon

Gaming peripherals can quickly become too pricy for gamers who are living on a strict budget. This VicTsing Wired Mouse delivers a reliable option that can fit into even a tight budget. You can customise the DPI and LED colours on the mouse, and there are seven programmable buttons. You also have the option to adjust the pointer speed, scroller speed and double click speed through the software.

£12 at Amazon

Most gaming mice have extra buttons stacked on the sides, but the Logitech G300s has them on top, near the edges of the primary left and right-click buttons. This configuration makes the mouse perfect for lefties or righties. You can also save three onboard profiles for the nine buttons, and choose a DPI sensor setting up to 2500.

£49 at Amazon

If you’re playing a lot of FPS games, then the Redragon M801’s rapid-fire button and 12,400 DPI sensor make this an attractive option. The body has an ergonomic design with nine programmable buttons, and you’ll also get an 8-piece weight tuning set. There’s also room to save five profiles, and you can record macros for most of the buttons.

£28 at Amazon

Mouse mastery

Your mouse is an essential input device for PC gaming, so it should tick all the boxes for the style of games you play. Even though everyone’s hands and button needs aren’t the same, we think the Razer DeathAdder Elite will satisfy almost any gamer. The contoured mouse body feels nice in your hand after hours of gaming, and the ability to adjust the colour scheme can make it match any setup. Razer is confident in its 50 million clicks rating for this mouse and provides a two-year warranty.

If you’re left-handed, or you don’t want your thumb to do all the work, consider the Logitech G300s. It has nine programmable buttons, many of which are on the top of the mouse, and has DPI sensor settings from 250 to 2500. It also offers seven colour options and has room to store three profiles in the onboard memory.

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