Day: May 2, 2018

Top programmers will leave Facebook and Google if they gain ‘evil’ reputations

In many of the recent debates about tech, some people have suspected big tech companies of using their famously geeky, quirky cultures as a sort of public relations strategy. They see Google’s corporate motto “don’t be evil” as simply a cosmetic slogan. Au contraire. For big tech companies, gaining a reputation for being “evil” can […]

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Startups in China Are Hiring Women as ‘Programmer Motivators,’ and It’s Just as Sexist as It Sounds

Shen Yue works as a “programmer motivator” at a consumer finance company in China. As the name suggests, her job is to inspirit programmers at her company, which involves chatting them up, coordinating social activities, and even giving them massages, according to a recent report from the New York Times. Ms. Shen is 25-years-old with […]

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